Connect to your consumers using iBeacon technology

Chatterbox and iBeacon technology is like introducing the Flintstones to the Jetsons’ shopping mall. Chatterbox is a wireless device that functions as a mobile marketing system to help increase connection between you and your customers.

Through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, beacons wirelessly transmit key locational information, which smartphones will receive when in range of your store. Using one of our customised apps, your customers can easily navigate their way around your store and be provided with contextual information, promotional offers, social updates or product review information about the product they are interacting with via there phone. Customers can easily transition from viewing information on one item to the next based on their proximity to the beacons in store and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Better for business, better experience for shoppers

Chatterbox has created a fully digitised retail shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike, changing what it means to tailor a customer’s shopping experience inside a retail environment.


Specifically target and seek to engage customers in your physical retail space through their mobile device to deliver relevant, tailored offers and promotions to grow average transaction and sales volume.


Customers can be delivered dynamic, contextual information directly to their smartphone, giving retailers an opportunity to engage with customers consistently throughout their in-store journey.


Create personal greetings and push tailored product information and offers to customers based on their prior interaction with your business to enhance their in-store experience.


Chatterbox connects an existing customer’s data with their real-time, exact retail location enabling a continuous, consistent set of relevant experiences across your digital and real world environments.


Chatterbox allows you to see real-time data of your customer’s movements in store. Using our product stickers will create a link between store movements and product interaction allowing you to plan and merchandise like never before.

Benefits for your customers

Many retailers see the benefits of mobile commerce but haven’t yet seen a viable way to include it in to their stores. Our apps are that missing link for your customers in their journey through your retail space.


Customised Shopping Experience

Your customers have your entire retail inventory in the palm of their hands, meaning that they can pull photos, videos, reviews and real-time information they need about a product as they interact with it.


Incentivised Shopping

If you have a special going on in store that you want people to know about, Chatterbox enables you to message those looking at a particular product with unique offers based on their exact location in store. Customers are also able to seamlessly access loyalty programs to maximise rewards or points.


In-store Navigation

In-store navigation and product search are the most important problems to be solved in order to improve your customer’s in-store experience. Chatterbox’s indoor mapping technology will enable customers to easily navigate themselves around a brick and mortar environment.

  • In a recent report, BI Intelligence finds that these small devices are the fastest-growing in-store technology since mobile credit card readers.

  • The one-sentence summary is that you can think of iBeacon as like GPS for indoor locations, your phone able to pick up the iBeacon transmissions and work out where it is with a high degree of accuracy.

  • 95 percent of purchases are still done in brick-and-mortar locations. iBeacon can become the key to not only personalising in-person shopping, but also bridging the gap between digital and physical shopping.

Other Applications


Cultural Institutions

Museums, zoos and exhibitions provide a basic amount of information about the items that you're seeing. A Chatterbox stationed at each item could offer additional information and content, but in a way that still allows you to choose your own journey through the space, or linger at a specific display.



The hotel industry is a perfect fit with technologies like Chatterbox as it provides guests with a virtual concierge service offering seamless check-in and check-outs, deliver information on additional services offered, and help vacationers explore nearby points of interest.


Real Estate

Let your home introduce itself by sending a custom greeting to potential buyers as they walk through the front door. Allow Chatterbox beacons to guide visitors through the property, sharing its features, highlights and perhaps even offer a digital overlay of the floor plan buyers walk through the property.



An obvious advantage is to offer a virtual menu with more details about specific items such as calorie counts, origins of the produce, and suggested food and wine pairings. Furthermore, Chatterbox could alert you to other local businesses offering your favourite meal and make a booking, or even allow you to quickly see what catering options are available for your next party.


Music Festivals

Go to almost any music festival and you receive a map and schedule of events and sessions. With Chatterbox’s support, you could make those apps much easier to use and provide additional resources. Beacons can be used to communicate information, to point people to complementary content, or promote sales.


Schools and Universities

Chatterbox could be your on-campus navigation tool, deliver policies and information to visitors, display on campus events occurring each day, and allow teachers to broadcast information related to their classes or services.



Expect beacons to be deployed all over airports, train stations, and urban transit hubs to alert travellers of delays, changes, and weather conditions. Chatterbox’s inbuilt location device will also enable you to ensure you are at the right station, and that you’ll always find a way to get home.



People might use Chatterbox beacons to send them reminders when they’re in a certain part of their home, for instance, asking whether they have remembered to water the pot plants, or take out the rubbish.

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